Polar Loop 2

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Polar Loop 2 is the stylish and waterproof activity tracker that makes you move. This elegant wristband tracks your daily activity and even sleep, motivating and guiding you towards better fitness and health.



Personal Activity Goal
Years of research have led Polar to create a method that sets you an individual daily activity goal – based on more than just steps.  The Activity Goal on the Polar Loop 2 is customized to your personal details and choice of activity level, and it fills up during the day based on the amount and intensity of your activity.

Intensity Levels
Using Polar technology allows the Polar Loop 2 to track your daily activity at five intensity levels:  resting, sitting, low, medium, and high.  Low to high intensity movement fill up your activity bar so you can easily see how much progress you’re making.

Rewarding Benefit
Get motivating guidance on how to reach your daily goal.  The activity goal on the Loop 2 fills up during the day based on the intensity of your activity.

Unparalleled Wearability
The soft and flexible Loop 2 fits every wrist perfectly.  The 85 LED lights & stainless steel buckle make it a high quality bracelet for 24/7 use.  Don’t fret about getting it wet – it’s waterproof.

Sleep Tight
You can even wear the Loop 2 to bed and let it automatically track your sleep.  Check Polar Flow app on your smartphone to see how long and well you slept.  If you need a wake-up, the Loop 2 will gently vibrate when it’s time to rise and shine.

Smart Notifications
When you wear the Loop 2, you can receive vibrating smart notifications of incoming calls, messages and calendar appointments to your wrist.