UltrAspire 600 Lumen Belt

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Streetlights are helpful, but can be sporadic and unreliable. Headlamps work well, but can wash out the terrain, making harder to see potential hazards. The Lumen 600 Waist Light lowers the light source and lets you aim the light down to where you need to see, increasing contrast and detail. You also get the benefit of moving the light to a stable mount that stays aimed at your running line. Throwing a whopping 600 lumens down your line means you won’t miss a thing.

Ultraspire Lumen 600 2.0 Waist Light:

  • 4 modes: high (600 lumens) / 8h, medium (231 lumens) / 13h, low (24 lumens) / 36h, and S.O.S. (55 lumens) / 32h.
  • Single-button interface allows for easy operation, both with and without gloves.
  • Expandable zippered pockets hold gels, extra batteries, your phone and more.
  • Rear-facing elastic loops hold light jackets and jerseys.
  • Flashing modes help keep you visible in the daytime.
  • IPX6 waterproofing stands up to any weather you’re willing to run in, and probably more.
  • Runs off a single 18650 battery (included).
  • Easy USB charging means you can always have fresh batteries.
  • Ergonomic back plate keeps the light stable and comfortable.
  • SOS mode flashes for up to 32 hours, getting word out if you go down in a race.
  • Fits 26-42in. waists.