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Marathon & Half-Marathon Training Program

Welcome to our training program! We love to run and train together -- building community while training is our goal. However, during these unprecedented times, things don’t quite look the same. We are offering group runs of up to 10 people and will expand those as soon as the Provincial Health Orders allow. Those who would like to stick to a virtual program, may do so.

The Frontrunners Marathon and Half Marathon Training Program is a 17 week program that runs from June 16, 2021 - October 10, 2021. The goal race for the clinic will be the in-person Royal Victoria Half marathon on October 11 (or their virtual Royal Flush series).

Our schedule includes a weekly run program with individual “homework” runs, workouts and long runs. Saturday morning long runs will be run-leader led (initially in groups of up to 10) and focus on building distance and endurance. Wednesday workouts focus on hills, speed and tempos and can be done in the same groups that you run in on Saturday.

New this clinic - a Return to Running/Maintenance Option!
Are you a runner returning after an injury, a break from running or just don’t want to run the long mileage of a half or marathon program through the Summer? If so, we are introducing a new group this summer just for you! The Return to Running/Maintenance group will follow the structure of our usual training schedule (meeting Wednesdays and Saturdays with up to 4 runs per week) but with reduced mileage [and optional lower intensity workouts]. The group will build to a max of 75 mins (around 10-12km) on the Saturday long, slow runs, and give you a structured, social group within which to build and maintain a strong running base.

We work hard to support our runners through our run leaders, weekly emails and private Facebook group. We provide a Frontrunners technical shirt, participant store discount, training tips, editorials, speaker events (as allowed), photo challenges and prize draws to keep you motivated!

Cost: $99.95 (includes technical shirt) whether in-person or virtual.

Pre-requisites: Participants should feel comfortable running at a steady pace for about 45 minutes (half-marathon) or 60 minutes (marathon), and be running at least three times a week, at the start of this clinic. For the Return to Running group participants should be comfortable running for atleast 30 minutes.

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