Hyperice Hypersphere Stealth

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Vibrating Massage Ball

Powerful yet small, the Hypersphere is an advanced mobility tool that goes beyond the myofascial release than a traditional massage ball. It is equipped with 3 digitally controlled vibration settings with a textured silicone grip and dense shell for optimal use. Great for improving grip strength, flexibility, range of motion, and circulation. Throughout your warm-up or during your cool-down you can choose your desired intensity setting to help loosen knots or tightness in your hips, hamstrings, gluteus, feet, shoulders etc.

Unlock Your Body

Personalized Treatment

Features 3 vibrating speed settings to release sore muscles, with 3 vibration frequency levels – 45, 68, 92 Hz.

Multiple Applications

Can be used to activate, soothe, or loosen muscles/fascia in the feet, calves, hamstrings, glutes, hip flexors, shoulders, back, and forearms.

Maximum Vibration

The Hypersphere’s high-intensity vibration allows you to release tension and target areas deeper than a traditional foam roller. The textured rubber exterior targets vibration for more localized therapy.

Optimal Size and Portability

Compact size of 5-inch (12.7 cm) diameter. Lightweight at only 2.25lb. Cordless, compact design – perfect for travel and on-the-go (TSA approved).

Extreme Power

Powerful 30w motor engineered to deliver maximum vibration to the body. Rechargeable lithium ion batteries give over 2 hours of use per charge. AC charger included.