Sole Active Medium with Met Pad, Cork

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This sustainable insole features medium Softec cushioning and a built-in metatarsal pad that supports the foot's bones in their natural positioning and spread. Perfect for relieving forefoot pain and discomfort associated with conditions like Metatarsalgia and Morton's Neuroma. Built on the incredibly eco-friendly base of ReCORK recycled wine corks.

This footbed is great for improving forefoot comfort in medium-fitting footwear like running shoes, casual sneakers, tennis shoes, hiking boots and more.

  • Reduces plantar fascia strain
  • Suitable for any arch height
  • Provides cushioned support
  • Promotes natural foot alignment
  • Supports natural spread of foot bones
  • Improves balance
  • Distributes weight and pressure equally
  • Zero drop from heel to forefoot
  • SOLE signature shape for everyday comfort
  • Heat and wear moldable for customized fit
  • Polygiene® stays fresh technology
  • Significant benefits of recycled natural cork

Width - Forefoot (approx.)

  • Men's 10 - 98mm
  • Women's 7 - 87mm


Length - Heel to toe (approx.)

  • Men's 10 - 290mm
  • Women's 7 - 245mm



  • Cushioning: 1.6mm
  • Total: 3.2mm